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Are you looking start your child’s learning journey? Tambelin offers a unique learning experience and is Goulburn’s only independent primary school. If you’d like to know more about Tambelin, we’d love to hear from you. Places are limited – express your interest and we’ll be in touch. 

About Our School

Tambelin Independent School is an independent primary school in the heart of the Goulburn CBD.

At Tambelin the school is split over two classes. The junior class is from kindergarten to Year 2 and the senior class is from Year 3 to Year 6.

Teaching and learning at Tambelin is built upon a philosophy of a ‘love of learning’ which enables students to be innovative, engaged and fosters an inclusive learning environment where we strive for our personal best and excellence in everything we do. We aspire to create collaborative partnerships across the whole school community. At Tambelin learning is a lifelong journey.

Tambelin students cover the NESA curriculum which includes English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History, Geography, Creative and Performing Arts and Personal Development Health and Physical Education.

Tambelin is a kindergarten to year 6 school, all education is underpinned by a common learning approach that aims to provide a common language and understanding, which all teachers and students can work towards and meet within their classroom and across the school.

Acknowledgement of Country

I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land where we work, learn and play. Together we touch the ground of the land, we reach for the sky above and put our hand on our heart as we care and pay our respects to elders past, present and future.

Tambelin is committed to creating an environment where the safety and wellbeing of children is at the centre of our values and actions.

Kinder Orientation
Term Dates

What’s Tambelin’s approach to learning?

What makes Tambelin unique is we genuinely treat every child as an individual. We tailor our teaching to suit the specific needs of your child, and we work with you to make sure they’re not only enjoying school but reaching (and often exceeding) their academic and social milestones too.

Limited class numbers and a low student-to-staff ratio gives us the opportunity for focus on the individual. We encourage students to develop at their own pace and to realise their full potential in a non-competitive atmosphere. This means we can extend gifted children by giving them work beyond their grade, and at the same time, give one-on-one support to those students that need extra help. We’ve modelled Tambelin on a small country school where children of different ages interact and learn within two classroom groups. The two groups are Years K-2 and Years 3-6.

Kinder Orientation

We know that starting kindergarten can be a big step for you and your child. That’s why we like to introduce school early (and regularly) in the year before your child starts school.

We hold four blocks of orientation during the year. Each block runs for three days and we invite the new students to attend from 9am to 12 midday. During this time, we introduce the children to school routines and they have a chance to make friends and experience school life. These days are very beneficial to the students as they’ll begin school with friendly faces and a familiar environment.

If your child is starting kindergarten next year, here are the kindergarten orientation dates.


Pastoral care is a vital part of Tambelin; we actively nurture the wellbeing of students and maintain sense of community from the beginning in kindergarten in this unique child safe environment.

Our FISH philosophy offers a range of life skills that children can live and learn by long after their schooling. The FISH philosophy equips the children to live and work by four principles, these are…

  • Choose your Attitude
  • Have fun
  • Make their day
  • Be there

Find out more about FISH philosophy.

2020 Term Dates

Term 1 30 January – 9 April
Term 2 20 April – 3 July
Term 3 21 July – 25 September
Term 4 13 October – 11 December