Creative Arts

Creative Arts students experience and develop the complex skills needed to create and test ideas, generate creative works with confidence, shape inquiry and to critically evaluate and reflect on what they do. Study in the Creative Arts prepares students to be significant producers and informed consumers of culture. Tambelin follows the NSW Syllabus for Creative Arts and teaches the outcomes specifically noted in the school’s Scope and Sequence.

Tambelin School is proud of its local connections with the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery and we attend exhibitions there regularly as whole-of-school excursions. We also welcome visiting artists to our school. Units of work are inspired by the educational program and by exhibitions at the local gallery, The National Portrait Gallery and The National Gallery of Australia.

Past excursions include Sculpture by The Sea, Picasso, Tom Roberts, Monet, National Arboretum, Canberra Glassworks, Tuggeranong Art Centre, Canberra Theatre productions, Leider Theatre productions and local amateur dramatic society performances.

The school holds an annual art show of students’ work. This is a community event and we extend an invitation to families, friends and members of the public.



Every week our students participate in an in-school music program run by the Hume Conservatorium (HumeCon). Delivered by qualified and specialist music teachers, this is a hands-on program that addresses the music syllabus outcomes. HumeCon delivers consistent and high-quality music education for all Tambelin students. Activities include singing, percussion, ukulele and the recorder.



Once a week (terms three and four), our students participate in dance lessons with Industry Dance Co. This gives students a unique opportunity to meet not only their physical education needs but to also explore dance as a creative art. Delivered by award-winning dance teachers, there sessions are a fun and much anticipated part of our week.