Our People

Tambelin is home to a team of experienced, dedicated and passionate teachers who create an environment that is highly engaging, tailored and adaptive. Our students continue to achieve exceptional academic and social results through our individualised approach to learning and development.

The size of our school, and the consistency of having the same teacher for several years, means our teachers have an in-depth understanding of each child and their preferred learning style. It also means we get to know the parents well too. You’ll see us on the playground at the start and end of each day. And we’re always happy for you to check in with us and see how your child’s day went. 

Catherine Harborne


Catherine started at Tambelin in 1994 under the guidance of one of the original founding Tambelin parents and teacher, Lesley Tully. Catherine is passionate about the exceptional quality of education delivered at Tambelin. This led her to educate her two boys at Tambelin, who now are in their last years of schooling at high school.

Catherine was promoted to the role of principal in 2008. In her role as principal and classroom teacher, Catherine is passionate about explicit teaching and sets high expectations for all staff and students. This is all while maintaining the foundation of the school’s core values as a ‘Small country school in a large country city’ and an alternative to systemic and state education. She believes that education needs to be taught explicitly and children need opportunities to explore, use and practice newly taught skills and knowledge. Linking classroom learning to life and beyond four walls is most important. Children need to challenge their thinking, adapt to change and be effective communicators in all aspects of learning and life.  Each child has a gift to be unlocked – in or outside the classroom. Catherine leads the Tambelin team staff members in programming, timetabling and effective teaching strategies. She believes in giving staff autonomy whilst having a very close working relationship with all staff members guiding and supervising along the way. Catherine makes sure that all staff participate in regular, meaningful and research-based professional development. She has high expectations of all staff and works to create a team environment which is dynamic, systematic and effective across all aspects of school life. Catherine sets an excellent example for her staff and her dedication and skills are an inspiration to those around her.

Catherine works with the Tambelin committee to make sure the school is compliant in policies and procedures, timetabling and delivering education for all key learning areas in the curriculum, enrolments and interviews, compliance for state and federal governments, application for grants and maintenance of the school just to mention a few things. 

Catherine enjoys the work life balance and spending time with family; her husband and two boys. Time is usually spent cooking, watching her boys play rugby union, general farm hand, mowing the lawn and walking.


  • Diploma in Teaching, Bachelor of Education



Meredith joined Tambelin 2014. She comes from a background of early childhood and primary education. Meredith returned to teaching after working in the UK in her early twenties, marrying and having four girls. She completed her proficient teaching accreditation while here at Tambelin. Meredith is a dedicated and well organised educator who has a wonderful rapport with all children. She is a caring teacher who connects with students to get the best out of them academically, emotionally and socially. Meredith is married to electrician and artist, Dan. Dan has, in the past, generously given his time and knowledge to help in a variety of art tasks in the school. Meredith is creative in her delivery extending units of work beyond the classroom to excursions to the local art gallery, dressing students up to be palaeontologists and facilitating ‘moon’ projects. Meredith enjoys playing the violin, bush walking, drenching sheep and camping with Dan and her four girls.


  • Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood)
  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)



Michelle joined the Tambelin team in 2008 after having a varied career in the Queensland state and catholic system, and management in a NSW preschool setting. Michelle has many talents across the curriculum. She is highly dedicated in her approach to education and aims at getting the best out of every child, every day. Michelle has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the syllabus in all key learning areas and can consolidate learning for children or extend in the multistage classroom. Michelle is highly organised and motivated in the delivery of her programs. The learning that takes place in the classroom is based on solid instructional teaching and supported learning before the students work at an independent level. This is all carried by Michelle’s wonderful sense of humour. Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, husband Paul and three teenage children fishing, camping and socialising with friends.


  • Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)