Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the Tambelin Independent Primary School’s website.

Each and every student has their own unique gift waiting to be unlocked. Their talent may lie in the arts, academia or sport; they may have good judgement or high levels of emotional intelligence; they have fantastic social skills or a caring nature. They may be a leader, a good teacher, a fabulous friend, highly organised, creative, solve problems logically or just make people laugh.

We will discover our gift at different stages in life and even when we do find it talent alone is never enough. We need a community or environment around us to foster and grow this talent, an attitude that develops and uses this talent wisely.

Tambelin creates an environment that caters for diversity in talent and interests and gives our students the best chance to discover what is unique to them. The environment encourages our students to be curious, to be motivated, to be themselves, to grow from disappointments and to develop self-confidence and resilience.

Our teachers put in enormous amounts of thought and effort to make sure all students from kindergarten to year six have the facilities, support networks, programs to develop these talents and mindsets.

I feel truly blessed and privilege to work in an environment with enthusiastic educators that are flexible, insightful and supportive, who all have a genuine interest and professional respect for each and every child.

Tambelin strives to finds ‘things’ to engage every child’s learning within the frame work of the curriculum. Teachers deliver learning opportunities that are current, meaningful and exciting.

In 2018, we learnt about bridges, investigated types of bridges, discovered the history of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and finally bring this learning together with a trip to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Our Tambelin parents value this approach to learning; they come on the excursions, pay for the extra ‘things’ that make learning exciting and a highlight. We are grateful to work with parents that embrace learning beyond the classroom.

It is our aim to provide an environment at Tambelin so students leave with an inner strength and approach to life which will support them as they follow their passions, this will be the greatest gift parents and teachers can give Tambelin students. I truly believe our graduating students experience the ‘Tambelin gift’ and we’ve showing this sets them up very well as they transition into high school.

I’d love to meet you at the school and show you around and share why Tambelin students achieve such great academic and social outcomes. If you’d like to make a time to come in, please call me on 0419 165 894 or email

I’ll look forward to meeting you then.

Catherine Harborne