Facilities & Playground

Tambelin has a well-equipped playground that’s large enough to run around, and small enough that students of all ages come together to have fun and keep fit. Whether it’s a game of soccer or running around playing tips, you’ll notice that we foster an environment where all students can be part of whatever’s happening that day. Students of all ages play side by side, with the older children looking out for the younger ones and giving them great encouragement and tips along the way. There’s no such thing as ‘you can’t play with us’ at Tambelin.

A look inside our sports shed and you’ll be impressed with the wide variety of sports equipment available for the students to use. If you’d like to know more about health and fitness at Tambelin, see Physical Education.

Tambelin playground is also home to a family of chickens. They’ve been with us since they arrived as part of our Hatching Chicks program, an educational initiative that allows students to watch chicks hatch and take care of them while young. In addition to the fresh eggs the ‘girls’ lay for us, we’re also excited to keep a few small vegetable gardens on the go. We’re always looking for practical ways to demonstrate our curriculum learnings and our chickens and garden is a great example.