Sport (Physical Education)

Tambelin bases all physical education (PE) lessons on the 12 fundamental movement skills. Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks for movement. They are the skills which children need to participate successfully in all types of games, physical activities and sports.

The twelve fundamental movement skills are; static balance, sprint run, vertical jump, catch, hop, side gallop, skip, overarm throw, leap, kick, two handed strike and dodge.

These twelve skills were selected because together they represent a solid foundation for the development of specialised skills, enabling students to participate in a wide range of physical activities. These skills are specifically taught and practiced through games in PE lessons.

All Tambelin students participate in the NSW Goulburn Netball Gala Day, NSW Touch Football Gala Day, Gilbert/Croker Cup for League and League Tag, Taralga Athletics Carnival and Boorowa Touch Football Carnival.